If you’ve missed the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament experience, watch this drone video.

Halifax, MA – April 6, 2017 – There are a many reasons the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament is a very special competition. First, it’s a jumper only show, it’s televised nationally, there are big spectator crowds and the hospitality is unparalleled. 

Second, it’s a registered 501(c)(3) federal charity that supports Danny and Ron’s Rescue and the Omega Horse Rescue fund. So, you’re doing right by your horses and staff and, importantly, supporting an organization “doing the right thing.”  It’s the opposite of a profit motive but rather about our love of the sport, our horses, friends and riders. 

All that said, it’s understood you have to have a few basics exactly right, and history has shown we do. You have to have world class footing and facilities. You have to have the best course designers, great jump inventory, intelligent and relaxed schedules with good prize money. It has to be a world-class experience all around.  Here, you will be treated like a customer, not a number, and your staff, kids, families and all exhibitors will have an enjoyable time.

Take a look at this drone video coverage of the facility shot during the August 2016 edition. A picture is worth a thousand words and this video is very telling. Each and every year, work begins immediately on adding to the property’s many positive features. You will find that is true for 2017. There is a reason Kevin Babington, McLain Ward, Paul O’Shea, Peter Leone, Candice King, Molly Ashe Cawley, Peter Wylde, Joe Fargis, Judy Garofalo Torres and so many top professionals come back, year after year. This is truly an event you want to plan for.


Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography

Please put us on your schedules and follow us on social media for an opportunity to own a piece of our sport's greatest memorabilia, through the generosity of two-time Olympic gold medalist and winner of the Longines FEI World Cup™ Final, McLain Ward. Proceeds go to help The Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.
Interested Sponsors or organizations or persons wanting to be more involved can contact sharon@silveroakjumpertournament.com.




The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, Presented by The Davis McCullough Foundation, is one of the country’s highest rated, US Equestrian five-star jumper-only shows. A 501(c)( 3) competition, it features the country’s best grass and all-weather GGT footing and FEI course designers, like Olaf Petersen, Jr. The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament's mission is to be “the rider’s horse show.”

Founded by Jeff Papows, the goal is to provide the best in customer service and hospitality with utopian conditions for your equine athletes. It is designed at every turn to have a different feel than other shows.  The competition has been consistently rated in the North American Riders Group (NARG) top twenty five list for good reason.

Join us and experience something truly different where the magnitude of awards, presentations, jump inventory and meticulous attention to detail offers something unique.

Be aware we sell out every year, limiting ourselves to 500 horses to ensure timely schedules and optimum conditions!

Featured Classes Include:
Full range of Young Jumper and Junior/Amateur Jumper classes
$10,000 Welcome Stake
$15,000 DG Ventures Mini Prix 1.35m
$75,00 Agero Grand Prix

Website:            silveroakjumpertournament.com

When:                 Dates August 16-20, 2017

Where:                Show Address: 21 Plymouth St, Halifax, MA 02338

Broadcast:          New England Sports Network