Because of Horses Podcast to Air Special Listener’s Choice Episode featuring Excerpts from Most Popular Guests Friday, Oct. 11

Elise Gaston Chand shares excerpts from the audience's favorite episodes on Because of Horses Podcast Friday, Oct. 11

On this special “Listener’s Choice” episode of the Because of Horses podcast, fans will enjoy excerpts from interviews with some of host Elise Gaston Chand’s most popular guests. Included on this special edition are highlights from conversations with Guy McLean, James Clement, Gillian Larson and the award-winning episode featuring Stacy Westfall.

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, but now based in the United States, Guy McLean believes that the best tools in horsemanship are knowledge, compassion, patience and imagination. He has thrilled international audiences with his horsemanship performances featuring liberty work and Aussie stockman traditions. Twice named Ambassador of the Outback, Guy was the inaugural winner in 2005 of Equitana’s “Way of the Horse” young horse starting competition, using methods learned in the Queensland Bush to help secure victory. Through his horsemanship, Bush poetry and whip-cracking demonstrations, Guy is committed to keeping the traditions of the bush and the true Aussie stockman alive.

Guy McLean

Guy McLean

James Clement III is the Horse Division Manager at the iconic King Ranch of Kingsville, Texas. Founded in 1853, the King Ranch was home to Wimpy, the first animal registered to the American Quarter Horse Association. For seven generations, King Ranch has been owned and maintained by descendants of its founder, Captain Richard King. A visionary entrepreneur, King developed a program of thoughtful and calculated breeding to improve the quality of the wild horses found on his ranch. King Ranch’s foundation sire Old Sorrel went on to become a foundation sire of the Quarter Horse breed. Today, James maintains the family’s legacy of producing world-class animals for use in ranching and sport.

Long-distance equestrian trekker Gillian Larson has made it her mission to explore the American West from horseback. Riding the mare Shyla and packing supplies on her son Takoda, Gillian has twice completed solo through-rides of the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,600-mile journey starting at the Mexican border and ending in British Columbia. She and her horses have also completed the Arizona Trail and the Colorado Trail, and in 2018 through-rode the Continental Divide Trail, crossing through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Gillian’s plans include creating guidebooks documenting her routes for equestrian trekkers and to promote the tradition of long-distance riding in the American West.

Gillian Larson with Shyla and Takoda

Gillian Larson with Shyla and Takoda

Renowned trainer, clinician and competitor Stacy Westfall gained acclaim for her horsemanship and ability to problem solve each horse’s challenges with unique solutions. An accomplished rider, she won the American Quarter Horse Congress freestyle reining competition with a bridle-less, bareback performance. Videos of her tackless demonstrations of reining have gone viral, resulting in her appearance on the television show Ellen. Stacy was the first woman to compete in Road to the Horse and she won it that same year (2006). She was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2012. The Because of Horses episode featuring Stacy earned first place at the 2018 American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards.

“Elise Gaston Chand is the Terry Gross of the equestrian world with her podcast, Because of Horses.”
— Kristine Dahms, Life Between the Ears
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