Equestrian Bucket List Adventurer and International Social Media Star Yulia Frolova to visit Because of Horses Podcast on Friday, May 31

Photo courtesy of Yulia Frolova

Photo courtesy of Yulia Frolova

Frolova to visit Because of Horses Podcast Friday, May 31

May 31, 2019— Almost 10 years ago, Yulia Frolova realized that between business trips and personal travels, she would be away from her home in Bahrain for five weeks, visiting five countries along the way. Inspired by a friend of her father’s, who tried to parachute in every country he visited, Yulia set the goal of riding in each country on her trip. This soon morphed into a bucket list adventure–to ride in every country in the world. Currently she has ridden in 45 countries. Yulia shares her stories through her blog, Equigeo and her popular Instagram account.

Travel is in Yulia’s DNA. Born in the Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union, her father’s work kept the family on the move. They eventually settled in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Today, Yulia lives in the island country of Bahrain on the Persian Gulf. Her job as a ground operations manager for an international express delivery company takes her away from home on trips 15-25 times per year. Yulia uses these trips as opportunities to add to her list. So far, she has ridden in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Russia, Iceland, France, the United States and Iraq and more.

Photo courtesy of Yulia Frolova

Photo courtesy of Yulia Frolova

A self-proclaimed globe-trotter, who typically plans her excursions as little as two weeks in advance, Yulia arranges riding escapades ranging from taking a lesson at a riding school or club to more adventurous outings, including treks on rugged mountain trails, beach rides or polo fields. In 2016, she was invited by fellow blogger Martina Bocchia to join Equiraduno, an annual pilgrimage made by over 450 equestrians to visit the Pope at the Holy City.

When she is at home, Yulia enjoys the sport of dressage on her off-the-track Thoroughbred Dream and the Andalusian stallion Romeo. Her travels and adventures have taught her that one should never admit to being an experienced rider. She has also learned that no matter how great the differences seem between people, a love for the horse is the perfect unifier.

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