Equestrian author Susan Conley to visit Because of Horses podcast Friday, May 17

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Equestrian author Susan Conley to visit Because of Horses podcast,
Friday, May 17

May 17, 2019— In 2006, Susan Conley was 42 years old and married to an addict whose well-being she valued above her own. Though she had never longed for a pony or studied horses before, one day she suddenly, inexplicably, felt drawn to find a barn so she could ride. In her new memoir, Many Brave Fools, Susan explores topics including addiction, dysfunction and codependent relationships—and shares the story of how horses helped her to navigate the aftermath of her unhealthy marriage and subsequent loss of identity.

Susan quickly learned that riding was both harder and easier than anything she had done before. Though Susan had read countless self-help books and completed 12 step programs, she realized that the time she spent at the barn had transformed her the most. More than just evolving from a green rider to one capable of tackling the competitive arena, Susan recognized that horses had also triggered a change in her mind, body and spirit. Riding and interacting with horses helped Susan to rediscover herself, eventually emerging as a self-confident woman ready to embark on the next phase of life.

Susan holds a master of philosophy degree in Irish theatre studies from Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College, an honors degree in psychology and a diploma in equine-assisted therapy and learning. She is the author of Drama Queen, The Fidelity Project, and the soon to be re-released The Magic Mischief. Susan is based in Dublin, Ireland, where she is currently at work on her next horse book and a new paranormal/historical romance series.

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